May 2017

Published: 5th June, 2017

Chris represents Rescon at the UK Cloud Health Launch.

Rescon and Victrix SocSan closely work on the technical and service integration of their solutions.

Tom and the Diabetes Digital Coach Team presents their NHS Test Bed demonstrator to the Department of Health and other stakeholders in Whitehall.

Rescon's paper on Iterative Technology Development in UK Health and Social Care is published online.

Tom presents on integrating tools that evaluate the quality of clinical and social care at the point of care delivery at Digital Health in Manchester.

Rescon meet with Hft, Liverpool City Council, Tunstall, Northern Health Science Alliance, and Connected Health Cities.

Rescon continue to work with Widnes Vikings to support community health of adults and children.

Rescon and HEF Associates work together to co-produce the Health Equalities Framework for People at Risk of Homelessness with Multiple and Complex Needs.


The updated Lincus Companion app is released on the App Store and Google Play with improved security, enhanced connectivity, new features and improvements to user experience. Lincus Companion now integrates with Apple Health/Google Fit and has a new Data Explorer feature to let you delve deeper into your health and wellbeing data.

Rescon begin engaging with Wolverhampton City Council ahead of deploying Lincus for people with learning disabilities in supported living services.

The team continue collaborative with Victrix to integrate Lincus and proactive teleservices.

Rescon meet with DESMOND and continue to engage with GP practices in Swindon to support people with diabetes to use Lincus to better manage their condition.

Lincus continues to be used and extended as a mobile assessment tool for the Waves of Hope project in Liverpool.

May 2017 News