January 2017

Published: 2nd February, 2017

Rescon welcome an additional three developers to the team.

'No touch' IoT capabilities are demonstrated to the East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, including integrated scales, blood pressure cuffs and glucometers.

Rescon have joined the Health Foundry powered by the Guy's and St Thomas' Charity.

Rescon are listed on the UK Government's Digital Marketplace as Digital Outcomes and Specialists Suppliers.

The team continue to lead the technical work stream for the Diabetes Digital Coach NHS Test Bed.

Rescon are notified that the first of our acoustic/electric field sensor fusion patent applications will be allowed by the USPTO.

Rescon visit technical and service partners in Spain to work on new at scale models of health and care delivery.

Tom presents on the Internet of Things and its application to diabetes at the Royal Society of Medicine.

There are further meetings with Chichester University, Leeds Beckett University, Liverpool City Council, Liverpool CCG and Polar.


Lincus continues to support those with diabetes in a number of GP practices in Swindon.

The Rescon team meet with Eltham Medical Practice to discuss the use of Lincus to support those with diabetes.

Development of Lincus Defence continues, with a new technical interfaces for military research and use being realised.

Lincus continues to be used as a mobile assessment tool for the Big Lottery funded Liverpool Waves of Hope programme and as a paperless care management system for people with Learning Disabilities in Lancashire and Northumberland.

January 2017 News