November 2016

Published: 11th December, 2016

To expand their IoT capabilities Rescon develop the integration of a suite of wireless devices, including scales, blood pressure monitors, thermometers and pulse oximeters into their platform this month.

Rescon continues work hard with the WEAHSN Diabetes Digital Coach NHS Test Bed, leading the technical implementation (IoT, analytics and visualisation) work package.

Phase 1 of the Healthy Liverpool programme concludes, with more than 250 new cases of hypertension being discovered in the population and well in excess of 1000 people screened and educated about blood pressure.

Rescon attend the SETP2040 Symposium, running workshops to explore the use of Quantified Self technologies to enhance the performance of military personnel.


Rescon run Lincus workshops at the North West Regional Fulfilling Lives Conference, informing future Lincus developments to help support those with multiple and complex needs at risk of homelessness.

Rescon meet with Swindon CCG and Hawthorn Medical Practice ahead of deploying Lincus to support individuals with diabetes.

The Waves of Hope programme continues, using Lincus to support those with multiple and complex needs in Liverpool.

Rescon meet with Hft to roll out Lincus which will be used as a paper free care management system for people with learning disabilities in Northumberland and Lancashire.

November 2016 News