September 2016

Published: 7th October, 2016

Over 600 individuals have now been screened for hypertension by PSS and Rescon as part of the Healthy Liverpool Know Your Numbers programme.

Rescon's Lincus product suite was selected as a mature and innovative technology platform with operational potential for the UK MOD through the Tech UK Innovation Health and Fitness Monitoring Challenge.

Rescon continue to work as part of the Diabetes Digital Coach NHS Test Bed.

Rescon attend Digital Catapult Elderly Care and Technology Internet of Things Event in Brighton.

Rescon are double finalists in the EIT Digital Challenge.

Rescon continue to work with QinetiQ, Affective State and Cranfield University to explore the use of quantified self in the military with a 2040 vision.


Lincus Performance integrating Apple HealthKit is released on iOS on the App Store as a beta version, with the Android version soon to follow.

Lincus is now linked to over 200 different devices and applications.

Lincus shared services are due to be deployed for people with diabetes in Swindon, and respiratory and renal services at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage.

September 2016 News