July 2016

Published: 7th August, 2016

Rescon kick off Phase 2 of their work exploring the use of quantified self in the military, meeting with Affective State, QinetiQ, Cranfield University, the Defence Sciences Technology Laboratories (dstl) and Ministry of Defence representatives.

Adie Blanchard is the first author of a paper accepted for publication in IEEE Conference Proceedings on "Barriers Facing Technical Implementation in Health and Social Care in the UK".

Rescon meet with Plessey Semiconductors and NHS Arden Commissioning Support in support of other projects.


Major new updates are released on both Lincus Web and the Lincus Companion App this month including new reminder, feedback and reporting functions.

Rescon deliver Lincus training in Liverpool for PSS, and begin deployment for PSS services.

Rescon meet with Waves of Hope ahead of the Lincus deployment for individuals at risk of homelessness.

Work continues at a fast pace with the West of England Internet of Things NHS Diabetes Digital Coach Test Bed collaboration.

July 2016 News