June 2015

Published: 9th July, 2015

Rescon attends Health+Care Commissioning Event at the Excel Arena:

Meeting collaborators including the HEF founders, V-Connect and Meeting of Minds

Further collaborations are forged with Hampshire County Council, Exeter, South Bank and Cranfield Universities.

John Harer from Duke University and GDA visits Rescon to discuss future collaborations and DARPA work


Presenting Lincus in the Healthcare Innovations Den

#LincusApp gets a royal audience with Princess Anne

Rescon attends STC15 Learning Disability Nursing Conference in Derby where there is considerable interest in #HEFApp and #LincusApp


Rescon are notified that a further patent will be awarded for the Wellbeing-Tracker system relating to the use of fabric diodes to divert unwanted electrical activity away from sensors, improving the quality of outputs.

June 2015 News