May 2015

Published: 2nd June, 2015

Significant progress made on the #HEFApp with the alpha version released for internal testing purposes - this is getting exciting.

Team Rescon take part in the Ropley 10k run.

Tom Dawson visits Rutgers University to complete further work with the DARPA Duke Biochronicity team.

Rescon teams with the Imperial College National Institute of Health Research Evaluation Unit and Hft to improve the utility of Lincus and develop a health economic framework around its use.

Rescon prepare for the Health+Care and Commissioning Conference in the London Excel Centre on 24th and 25th of June.

Rescon attends Wearables in Defence workshop on HMS Belfast in London.

New Rescon website to be released in June, work continues.


Additional collaborations are fostered with partners all over Europe for application of Lincus to the Assisted Living market.

Rescon receive funding from Creative England for Lincus development.

Citrus Suite

Work continues with Citrus Suite on the realisation of #LincusApp.


Further developments in the Wellbeing-Tracker wearable technology are made, in collaboration with Sense Innovation and Rogue Product.

May 2015 News