March 2015

Published: 1st April, 2015

Rescon are actively recruiting an Experienced Commercial Web Developer. Please click here for more information.

Rescon travels to Thailand to continue work for the DARPA biochronicity project, expanding the functionality of their gene transcription big data analytics and visualisation platform, powered by RAVEN.

Rescon attend eHealth week at London Olympia presenting on both Lincus and One Precious Life.

Rescon attend DHCSTC Human Capabilities Research Program Event.


Rescon launch new look Lincus front page.

Rescon continue working with Citrus suite to develop an iOS and Android app for Lincus that will be available as a free app, this summer.


Great progress is made on the ESA BIC and Hft funded development of Wellbeing-Tracker with enhancement of the storage, communication and data acquisition capabilities of the platform.

March 2015 News