June 2014

Published: 16th July, 2014

Rescon's founder, Tom Dawson, meets the Queen and the Dukes of Edinburgh and Kent at Buckingham Palace as a representative of UK Technology at an event arranged by the Duke of York

Rescon presents their wearable acoustic and electric field technology to the European Space Agency accelerator at Harwell, Oxfordshire

Rescon publish Family Guide to Long Term Conditions: A Performance Guide Book on Amazon Kindle in 12 countries

Rescon's wearable Cardiac-Tracker technology continues to be developed, in collaboration with Hft, for early detection of epileptic seizures


Lincus development with Hft continues well and Rescon launches another video on Lincus on the Evolution of Communication

One Precious Life

Rescon's One Precious Life coaches engage with members as the Liverpool roll out continues

June 2014 News