February 2013

Published: 24th February, 2013

Rescon is selected to be part of the Innovate UK 2013 exhibition in the Business Design Centre, London from March 11-13.

Rescon meets with PSS, part of the Mi collaboration, to co-produce an interactive health booth.

Rescon has further meetings with Green Field Ventures, Moberg Research, Geometric Data Analysis, Duke University, Hft, DARPA, Plessey Semiconductors, the Liverpool Foundation, Riverside Housing, 3 million lives, and the Liverpool City Council to progress a variety of sensor, analytic and community health projects.

Signal Stabilization in a Dielectric Sensor Assembly provisional patent is filed with the USPTO.

Non-resistive Contact Electrical Systems and Methods for Visualizing the Structure and Function of Objects or Systems international non-provisional patent is filed with the PCT.

February 2013 News